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Enjoy and discover authentic and delicious flavors from Mexico, experience a casual or a formal dinner with modern and traditional Mexican cooking with  the best tropical and international cocktails with our experienced personal service.


With six years of experience as a private chef service in the Mexican Caribbean, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   

Join Tonatiuh, fourth generation in a family of cooks and restauranteurs. He can ensure that your next event is fun, relaxed and memorable. We will provide a unique and professional service. We cook having fun, with love and pride in our job and skills, and using the best, freshest natural ingredients we can find.

We offer the following services: 

*         Private Chef  & Bartender Service
*         Hands on Mexican Cooking Classes

*         Tequila and Mezcal Tasting

*         Delivery Service

*         Breakfast and Brunch

*         Vegetarian Menu

*         We can assist you stocking up your fridge for you.

*         We can assist you with rentals such as china, silverware, cups, glasses,

            tables and chairs.

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The pricing for the chef service is per person and is set according with the selected dishes, courses and size of the group. The pricing will include the ingredients.

All services will included set up of the bar and kitchen area, we will kindly serve the prepared meals, and we will clean up at the end of the service.


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 Cell phone number (+521) 984 104 46 00

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