Christmas Menu


December 24th, 25th & December 31st

only dinner available.

January 1st Only Brunch available.



First course


Stuffed Hoja Santa

Grilled Hoja Santa leaf stuffed with goat and quesillo cheese, served on top of a tomatillo sauce spiced with dry Morita pepper.


Second course


Camarones Coco

Breaded coconut Shrimp in a tropical mango sauce.



Ensalada de Pera

Fresh spinach leafs with slices of sweet pears, crumbled blue cheese and toasted pecans, dressed with balsamic dressing.


Main Dish

Choose one entrée


Pork Medallions in Adobo Sauce

Pork tenderloin marinated in a dry peppers adobo sauce, roasted to perfection, served with mashed sweet potatoes or home fried potatoes with sauté veggies a la parmigiana.


Turkey Breast in mole sauce
Turkey breast in mole sauce, mole is the main Mexican sauce prepared for holidays, made with dry peppers, almonds, bread, tortillas, spices, raisins, sesame seeds, chocolate, almond butter, etc. Served with organic rice.





Chocolate and Coffee Cake


Mexican Caramelized Milk Flan